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Pablo Marsal

Consultant in nonprofit organizations (NGOs, CSOs, associations, foundations, etc..), The so-called Third Sector. Its relationship with the State and the corporate sector.

Presentación Libro Agodi Conferencia ISTR En Japón

Presentation of the final document, along with Maria Eugenia Blanco Toth, the study: Transparency and Accountability of CSO (civil society organizations),  made for Agodi, presented at the Fundación Navarro Viola, 29 February 2008, in Buenos Aires.

Poster presented at ISTR Conference in Toronto in July 2004. Synthesis of research on U.S. foundation grants to Argentina in the years 1999-2000-2001, then published by Editorial Biblos.
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Opening address of the Office JICA-NGO Japan Desk in Buenos Aires on March 2003, with authorities from JICA, the Japanese Embassy and the Foreign Ministry of Argentina.

Curriculum Vitae

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